A Few Words About Us

We refinish big things, and that’s the way we like it!

Over 30 years in business

Established in 1983, Campus Auto Collision entered the marketplace working on regular sized vehicles and light trucks out of a small facility, with a focus on automotive collision. With more than three decades in the automotive body industry, Campus has strived to perfect their techniques, policies and procedures.

As a “Best Practice Leader” in the vehicle refinishing industry, Campus has always been aware of the demand for a facility large enough to accommodate large trucks and trailers, fleet transportation trucks, heavy construction equipment, buses, coaches and other large equipment that can’t be properly serviced through a typical automotive body shop.

60,000 sq ft truck facility

With a large demand for quality heavy truck refinishing and the availability of a 60,000 sq ft facility located directly across from their existing automotive centre, Campus Truck & Heavy Equipment Refinishing Inc. was launched in 2011.

The new facility serves to protect your machinery and equipment from corrosion and decay and gives us the room to provide state of the art painting and coating solutions for any size project. Using the latest repainting and refinishing technologies, we are able to provide an exceptional, professional-looking finish on all your company’s equipment.

Dedicated, loyal employees

At Campus Truck & Heavy Equipment Refinishing Inc., we have a group of loyal and established employees who are dedicated to providing our clients with the best repair and refinishing service available in the industry. Our state of the art facility contains equipment that expedites the refinishing process and guaranteeing exceptional results for our clients in a timely manner. Our equipment includes an indoor, environmentally-friendly sandblasting booth and spray booth – both 60 ft in length.

Our goal is to provide our clients with:

  The best warranty and guarantee on all work
  The most competitive pricing possible
  Quality, excellence and attention to detail
  Increased efficiency and superior communication
  Uncompromised customer satisfaction
  A reason to establish a long-term business relationship

An invitation to connect

We would like to extend an invitation to tour our facility and welcome the opportunity to work alongside your organization on any projects in the future.  If you think we are good fit for your business, or you require additional information about our services, please do not hesitate to contact our office.

campus truck reception
Campus Reception Area
Campus Sandblasting Booth
60 ft Long Sandblasting Booth
Campus spray booth
60 ft Long Spray Booth

Why choose us?

We're Versatile

We paint plastic, metal and aluminum with a wide variety of custom colours, clear coats, textured finishes or metallics. We give you a gorgeous finish with high-volume, low-pressure air spraying on-site or in our spray booth. We also offer low- and no VOC paints for a green application.

We're Reliable

From thorough and careful preparation and meticulous conversion coating to the final paint application, we understand the level of detail needed to create a final product that is as close to perfect as possible. You can rely on us to provide the service you need when you need it.

We're Consistent

Consistent quality work from the same skilled staff means our employees are what set us apart from average companies. We don’t rely on sub-contractors or other refinishing shops to do any of our work, so you can be assured that you’ll get the same quality results from us every time.

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